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SihanoukVille, Cambodia

Wat Kraom Temple

SinVille Tattoo and Wat Kraom It has been one of the privileges of making my business in Cambodia that I have enjoyed friendly relationship the Abbot of Wat Krom, via it's head monk, or Abbot.. I met him when we had the shop house blessed according with local tradition. .
I had been declining ":sak yant"/"yantra mantra"tattoos.
; religious, magical tattoos in the ancient Pali language, as I did not feel qualified, but one day a couple came to me in search for this, and on a whim, after I had talked with them for a while myself I decided to send a to see him in his "consulting" hours, which are the times when he is available, usually for observant Khmers, to come and sit down and talk, and to revive a blessing.. What he did on this occasion, after listening to them, and the problems the lady was having with, I think, depression, and asking them certain questions, he looked through some of the reference that he keeps, much of it handwritten by himself, and drew a design which he sent them back to me to tattoo.*

ron from wat kraom in sihanoukville blessing the sinville tattoo studio

After that, I would occasionally refer people to see him, but for the last year I have not felt comfortable doing this: This is not business; it does not run to a clock, or to a travel itinery and there are no "appointments" to get a 'reading/consultation'.
I do take some people up to the Pagoda sometimes, but this is not routine, and then only after I have met with them and feel they have an appropriate understanding of what we are doing. These are not souvenirs.

As pagoda tattoos are usually done for a donation which supports the old people and monks who stay at the pagoda, I felt it was appropriate for me to make a donation from what the receiver of the tattoo paid me, in the interests of good karma for this mystical tattoo, which is an article of Faith. The Abbot took it on himself to draw for me to take away some traditional designs which are for tattoo on specific areas of the body to aid protection and good fortune. They are yantra mantras based in and around sacred patterns, and gave me his blessing to perform them.
Subsequently, when time was right, he has generously and patiently instructed me with some more designs, and has given me a degree of understanding to perform them correctly, and to communicate some understanding to the wearer.

These particular designs function as vessels for positive energy and the wearer's personal (good) wishes.
Tattooing by monks is very rare in Cambodia as part of the Khmer Rouge legacy, who all but destroyed the clergy.
.This is not a business relationship, but 50% is the portion of the price I earmark for donation at some future date. Previously, I would donate this money in cash after each tattoo, but I have learned over time that this feels uncomfortably too much like the pagoda is doing business, which they are not.

The last donation I made was in tons of cement for the building work they were doing at the pagoda. The Abbot has made it clear to me in a very Buddhist way that his motivation is to help me with my business, in order that I can help the members of my household who are my family here in Cambodia. And whether or what I choose to give is gratefully received but not expected.
We must respect the traditions of Thereveda Buddhism.

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