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SihanoukVille, Cambodia

The Tattoos

Designs and Reference:

At Sinville Tattoo, you will find one of the best selections of designs and useful reference for custom work that you will find in any tattoo studio.
As a starting point, I have a wide variety of designs in folders. Further to this, I have over 30GB of static designs in digital format which I can print out as required.

Mostly I use all the above as a starting point; I use my ability as an artist and designer to mix, match and change these designs to create unique tattoos. I also tattoo these designs “off the peg” although never without sorting out any `glitches` a design might have.
Also available for you to view are photos of my work, along side scrap books showing preliminary sketches and a good selection of stencils from tattoos I have already made in the studio. (Especially useful if you want to see what kind of work other people have been having).

Custom Work:

Take your time: god knows there is enough of it here. Look through my designs to find individual elements, colour schemes, shapes and forms, and ideas to mix and match, and/or draw me a rough sketch or diagram of what you want. Do not worry if you can not draw, I promise you I have seen worse. You can also try a google search for specific images, but try not to use the word `tattoo` in your search, as it can result in an avalanche of crap. If you can find the image you want, for example a motif on a bag, I can work with that, no problemo.

I can draw designs entirely from scratch and without reference but this is not the best use of my time.

All of the above has been put together here in Cambodia with considerable effort. It is unacceptable in any tattoo studio to photograph or copy designs to take away without consent, and anybody found doing so WILL have data erased and will be asked to leave the premises. Promise.

I don’t usually charge for pre-art for tattoos, unless I have to spend longer on the artwork than the resulting tattoo, and any charges will be much lower than the equivalent time spent tattooing.

Please try and give me as much as two weeks notice, although there are times I can turn round designs in 1 or 2 days. It depends on how simple the design is and what else is in the in-tray. You will however need to leave a small deposit ($10-20) refundable from the cost of the tattoo.  A $10 deposit is standard with all bookings in any event.

Whichever it is the result will be worth the wait. Getting it right is the priority.

Khmer Translations-

These I can sort out and double check in 24 hours maximum. Phrases can be tricky for many Khmers to translate: I use a guy who has all his school certificates. Many Khmers do not have these.  Khmer writing is a popular choice of souvenir tattoo and has made up a good part of my work here over the last two years.


Minimum charge of $35 and an hourly rate of $75.

In common with most tattoo studios work guestimated at under 2.5 to 3 hours is priced by the job and you should expect this to work out at slightly more than the hourly rate, which more usually applies to bigger, or session work more than 3 hours.

Guestimates are based on size, detail, colouring and placement of the tattoo. These factors combined determine how long a tattoo will take.  Small tattoos can frequently take longer than more reasonably sized tattoos.  Try writing the Lord’s Prayer on the back of a postage stamp.

In my studio I normally try to give a “not more than” price on bigger work; this is so that my customers don’t think I’m stretching out jobs for my own benefit.  I take a pride in the quality of my work and responsibility for what leaves my studio.


DON’T DO IT! AND NOT JUST IN MY STUDIO.  The price you are quoted is the price.

I talk with hundreds of people every year about their tattoos, the where’s, the how long’s and the how much’s, and I don’t miss opportunities to visit other studios wherever I am to look at work, equipment and pricing and just to past the time of day with other tattooists.  So, I have a very good perspective on what is what in the business and I can promise you that good, hygienic tattooing is never cheap in relation to the cost of living anywhere in the world.  Career tattooing is a skilled, backbreaking and mentally demanding job.

It is a truism that the best work is not quick and quick work is not the best. My pricing in Cambodia is competitive with Thai tattoo prices.  Occasional bargains can be had, for example both in Thailand and here at my studio, but this is a judgement call on the part of the artist in question.  As I mention further on, it may be a piece I particular want to do, or, more likely in Thailand, the artist may need the work enough to offer a lower price than they would normally choose as there are a lot of tattooists in Thailand.

If you want to pay peanuts, you probably will get monkeys, and if you have never had a tattoo before, bear in mind there are plenty of cheaper ways of getting a souvenir or making a fashion statement.

What you can do is ask, “Is there any way we could do this any cheaper?” Your tattooist can then suggest similar designs, options of resizing, alternative shade and colour schemes or alternatives for placement of your tattoo (i.e. side of hip as opposed to belly), any of which could make the tattoo a quicker and therefore cheaper job.

In my own case, it is not unknown for me to give a slightly lower price, either, because I want to do a particular design I like or once I have finished the job, if the job has been quicker and easier than my guessimate, for me to discount a job.  This is entirely at my own discretion and it is inappropriate for you to initiate discussion about this.  There is a degree of trust involved in the tattooing process and this is one of the areas where you need to trust your tattooist.


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