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SihanoukVille, Cambodia

About Myself

I have been tattooing professionally since 1994, starting at the Fine Line Tattoo Studio, on London’s King’s Road and working initially with Mark C; (now deceased) “Mark’s Mark’s” Tattoo Studio in Phnom Penh and with amateur experience and training dating back to 1990.

mark gura tattooist in sihanoukville cambodia
I chose tattooing as my artistic medium for my taste in the classic tattoo imagery of snakes, daggers and dragons etc, and the fact that I am a compulsive doodler. Tattooing is also one of the less solitary artistic mediums; on the whole I enjoy the interaction with people involved in creating tattoos.

After working professionally for ten years
, I decided that I needed my own studio to progress further as an artist. After two years trying to find a good lease and location in London and encountering problems with my prospective landlord, I gave up, and as a frequent flyer to Cambodia, I decided that Sihanoukville was the spot: A place where I could make tattoos more affordable, giving me more opportunities to do bigger and better work and where more customers want Asian style work and Buddhist iconography, which I have a strong interest in. I'm now back in the U.K. until early 2014, when I'll be back in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.  Have a look at my photographs but the style I am trying to develop, is based on traditional South East Asian but introducing Western artistic conventions of shade and perspective, with a deal of attention paid to detail.



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